Brics X-Bag 18” Folding Duffle Bag

by Brics

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SKU BXG40203.078

Style: BXG40203

Dimensions (inches): 12" 18" 8"

Weight: 1.2 lbs

The entire X-Bag line is based on the concept of transformability and function. Thanks to its new shapes, patterns and refined details, it will be the must have fashion accessory. BRIC’S Core X-Bag line consists of black, olive, and navy. Certain pieces available in all colorways.

BRIC’S X-Bag X-Travel stands for convenience in everyday life, a fashionable assortment of travel bags that you can trust. It’s all about convenience and spur of the moment trips when packing with our lightweight, signature duffle silhouette.

The 18" Folding Duffle Bag is crafted of a durable nylon, trimmed with Tuscan full grain leather. Incorporating Italian design, water proofed polyamide, and full-grain, vegetable tanned, Tuscan leather trims and luxurious lining. This duffle is always water resistant, lightweight, washable and won't fade in the sun.

  • Ideal for a 1-2 day trip
  • Small exterior pocket
  • Snap side closures
  • Large, external zippered pocket
  • Spacious, open interior
  • Snap pouch with strap included
  • Handle slide feature for add-a-bag functionality
  • Genuine leather accents
  • Top carry handles